Bionico                      $ 5.80
12oz. cup – Fresh diced cantaloupe, strawberries, bananas, and apples on a homemade sweet cream topped off with granola.

Super Bionico              $ 7.50
16oz. cup – Fresh diced cantaloupe, strawberries, bananas, and apples on a homemade sweet cream topped it off with granola and a scoop of Ice cream of your choice

Fresas con Crema         $ 5.75
Fresh diced strawberries on a special homemade sweet cream. Topped off with whipped cream and a cherry.

Fresas congeladas         $ 5.75
Frozen strawberries with our special homemade sweet cream, topped off with whipped cream and a waffle cookie

Mangonada   sm.$5.95   med.$7.95 
Mango serbet, topped off with fresh diced mango, chamoy tajin lime & a tamarind paste-wrapped straw

Piña Loca                   $ 9.99
Pineapple bowl with fresh diced pineapple watermelon, mango, cucumber cantaloupe and strawberries, topped off with chamoy, salsa valentina, tajin and a tamarind paste-wrapped straw

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Mis Antojos

Chamoyada           $ 5.80
Tamarind, Strawberry or Mango smoothie, Mixed with chamoy, salsa valentina and tajin

Chango Sucio        $ 6.20
Shaved ice with diced bananas, chocolate syrup, vanilla syrup, condensed milk, vanilla syrup and ground cinnamon

DiabliMango         $ 5.80
Tamarind flavor shaved ice with chamoy, salsa valentina & tajin

Angelitos              $ 5.80

haved ice with fresh diced strawberries, bananas, vanilla syrup, and condensed milk

Helado/Ice Cream

1 scoop         $ 2.85

2 scoops        $ 4.50

3 Scoops       $ 5.50

4 Scoops       $ 6.50

Banana Split  $ 7.25
3 Flavors of your choice

Banana Royal $ 6.10
2 Flavors of your choice

Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Coockies & Cream Rainbow sherbet, Coffee, Butter Pecan, Sugar Free Butter Pecan
Lemon Sherbet, Raspberry Sherbet 

TostiTradicional         $ 6.50
Cabbage, pickled pork skin, tomatoes, cucumber, cacahuates, chamoy, salsa velentina, tajin & lime

TostiEsquites             $ 6.50
Cabbage, corn, mayo, sour cream, cotija cheese, salsa valentina & tajin

TostiFruit                 $ 6.50
Cabbage, jícama, cucumber, mango, pineapple, chamoy, cacahuate, salsa valentina, tajin & lime

TostiTijuana              $ 6.50
Pickled pork skin, jicama, cucumber, chamoy, cacahuate, tajin, salsa valentina & lime

TostiAguachile           $ 10.50 
Cabbage, shrimp, celery, cucumber, jicama, onions, homemade spicy sauce, cacahuate, avocado, tajin

Salchipulpos              $ 6.50
6 Beef hot-dogs in a shape of an octopus, chips, melted cheddar cheese, ketchup & salsa valentina

Chicharron               $ 6.95

Cabbage, pickled pork skin, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, salsa valentina, lime & sour cream

Esquites                   $ 5.75

Corn in a cup comes with mayo, sour cream, cotija cheese salsa valentina